I feel more a part of my child’s day at The Village Learning Center

“I really like the Core Knowledge method of teaching and I am extremely pleased with the progress my 4 year old has now made. She is very ready for Kindergarten, even though she will just turn 5 in August. The teachers have kept her busy learning but take the time for her to have free play as well. She loves swimming in the summer and the swimming lessons are so convenient. The parent-teacher conferences and weekly reports keep me informed as do the monthly newsletters and daily handwritten updates that are noted on the wall every day. I feel more a part of her day because I am able to speak with her about it in the evenings thanks to the great communication process. I know that she is somewhere that she likes to be and that has made my decision to be a working mother a little easier. Although I may not work full time in the future, I plan to keep her enrolled because I think that it is important for her to have the continuous learning, the structure, and the friendships.”
Kaprice C.Denver, CO